Lexmark Document Distributor

Lexmark Document Distributor is a framework for paper and electronic document capture, processing and routing that works with your multifunction products (MFPs). It provides the foundation to create solutions tailored to your business processes, including custom business rules that dynamically prompt for metadata, make logical decisions and automatically route a document to the correct destination. 

For a destination with a formal document storage structure, such as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, Document Distributor delivers the file and indexing information to enable speedy retrieval. It also supports user interaction at the MFP, and provides immediate delivery confirmation.

For an LDD installation to run, the customer is required to provide a server for the LDD application to run on,  or to have access to one hosted by Foxway.

The LDD App works as just a gateway to the server. The server is doing all the logical processing and integration to third party systems, ensuring fast prcesseing and real-time response.

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