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Foxway delivers two different types of applications for Lexmark.

1. Distribution of Lexmark Developed applications

These can be purchased via APPSTORE and a license key will be distributed with an installation guide. These apps contains no development possibilities.

The application platform that resides on the Lexmark devices,and enables customization of the user interface by adding custom solutions. This provides the ability to integrate into back-end systems. It also allows for enabled Lexmark MFPs to be presented in the context of a customer’s business. These embedded Solutions tend to be more scalable than solutions that require a middle-ware server system.

2. Foxway developed APPS for Lexmark

These Apps are sold as Foxway Apps, with a variety of system integration and plug-ins possibilities. If you find a lexmark developed App in the Appstore that you want to have changed or integrated, Foxway can remake it into a Foxway App and distribute it with all available integration levels.

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