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Are you ready to change the way you work for the better? We suggest that a great place to start is to get inspired by the apps available in our Appstore. You can even redesign your existing apps to meet your customer’s needs. We’ll assist you in unlocking a world of possibilities.


First, you’ll work with our excellent technical designers make your ideas happen. We treat design, user experience, and functionality holistically so that the user benefits. We have created models based on both behavioural data, but also a high degree of communications knowledge and experience.


Once you know what you need, we provide both custom development as well as development services hosted by Foxway. The development stack may involve different environments for different projects. To support different scenarios, as well as supporting client side installed products, the development environment consists of servers and configurations to support an automated process for both development, system testing, integration testing and production.


When you are ready to go ahead, our team has the in-depth experience of introducing new services in large and distributed organisations to assist you. This means you not only become a unique provider of personalized solutions, but it also lowers the risk you take delivering them. Furthermore, you gain access to Xerox accredited developers who have in-depth technical Xerox knowledge, and robust professional expertise.


If something should happen along the way, don’t worry. All our developers have successfully completed hands-on PAB training from the Xerox Solutions Engagement Team, a professional services division of Xerox.


Finally, we are ready for every eventually. A contingency service workflow is adapted to the client’s environment and requirements. Our focus is to ensure that customer operations are always up and running when the customer’s time is limited. Contingency tickets are raised the same way as support tickets, with the addition of automated alarms for critical functions and services.

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