A personal approach

“Success is a science; If you have the conditions, you get the result” – Oscar Wilde

Foxway provides both custom development as well as development services hosted by Foxway. The development stack may involve different environments for different projects. To support different scenarios, as well as supporting client side installed products, the development environment consists of servers and configurations to support an automated process for development, system testing, integration testing and production.

Make your ideas happen

Typically, we first sit down with you and listen to your needs. Whether you want to redesign an existing app or integrate new ones, we’ll assist you in unlocking a world of possibilities.

The Design Process

Foxway creates easy-to-use and user friendly systems. We focus on creating interfaces that provide a new, intuitive and natural experience for the user and It’s why we treat design, user experience, and functionality holistically. We have created models based on both behavioural data, but also a high degree of communications knowledge and experience.

Audience targeting and navigation

We understand that our customers usually have a wide audience; ranging from people with disabilities to real “super-users”. Our ambition is to create everything for everyone –  apps with a design and structure that is built up by the following factors:

  • Minimum number of clicks to information
  • Directness in navigation
  • Consistent navigation strategy
  • Consistency in design
  • Clear design elements that create a very clear identity
  • Easy access to help tools such as search, index and disability tools

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Configuration Management

Depending on whether we deliver a custom project for you, or implement a new service, the configuration is managed differently. If it’s a custom project for a client, the project is documented in a Statement Of Work as specified in a New Egagement Process. If it’s a service or product to be provided by Foxway, a Service and Product Management Plan is documented.

Testing Process

Tests for a service or product are defined and adopted according to what is specified in the Service and Product Management Plan. Whenever possible, tests are automated. Tests in environments with MFPs are manual tests.

Test Limitation: Foxway includes tests for latest firmware published by a manufacturer on official support channels. Other versions need to be defined by customer requirements. For models not available in Foxway’s own environment, a Xerox remote testing environment is used for testing different firmware versions and MFD models.


Project management is key. Foxway is dedicated to sharing our knowledge in many areas. Our team has in-depth experience of introducing new services in large and distributed organizations.


If support is included in a signed service or product licensed by a customer, we are ready to help out. We deliver support for custom development, on-site products, as well as Foxway branded services.

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When up-time is critical and standard SLA in support agreements don’t cover specific customer needs, we offer a contingency service. A contingency service workflow is adapted to the client’s environment and requirements. Our focus is to ensure that customer operations are always up and running when the customer’s time is limited. Contingency tickets are raised the same way as support tickets, with the addition of automated alarms for critical functions and services.

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