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Our ambition is to be the leading company in Europe when it comes to sustainable IT services and recycling. Changing and leading the development of the digital society is our way of doing things. Finding the right way for our customers, and at the same time care for the future. To our help, we have strong partnerships with some of the biggest players on the market, and more than 700 dedicated employees located in six countries.

It’s not easy to put Foxway in a specific box, as we have created our own. Our unique business model allows us to guarantee sustainable circular solutions for enterprises, public entities, and schools’ access to high-quality and affordable technology with a reduced carbon footprint.

Because sustainability is part of our DNA.

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ESG Baseline KPI

Our key KPIs for ESG can be found below. Learn more by reading our Sustainability report.

Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions114114196tCO2-eq
Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions234593430503tCO2-eq
Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions21*tCO2-eq
Amount of renewable energy consumption30105310131MWh
Amount of non-renewable energy consumption4299656871523MWh
Total Products for recycling managed**7499298183115102132203tonnes
Total products used/recycled/sold**7297595542112007128648tonnes
Total waste sent to recycling**2016264030953555tonnes
* Air travel only
** – 2017, 2018 and 2020 results are calculated based on revenue change compared to 2019 (data on waste management was known for 2019)


We want to maximise digitalisation, but at the same time minimise our footprints. Read more about how in our  reports.



Management team

Martin Backman leads the Group’s ongoing operations. Our group management team work close with every business areas in order to support and provide help and tool to make the business more effective, and keep a strong customer focus.

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