Agnes Makk to Foxway. Mission: expand the business in Europe

Foxway recruit Agnes Makk as the new CEO of the Recommerce Division. Agnes has an impressive background in management for fast growing IT and service companies as Swedbank, Arvato Bertelsmann, Kühne&Nagel, and Make Commerce (Maksekeskus).

In 2019 Replace was acquired by Xllnc Group, and a few month later the group took the common name Foxway. Foxway is today the employer of more than 650 people and the Recommerce division has grown with more than 200% per year (CAGR). As the company is entering the international market, Agnes Makk will take the leading role for the biggest division, Recommerce (old Replace).

-We aim for further growth both geographically and in product range. Agnes Makk has the right experience to bring the company into the international market, and to expand our Recommerce business outside the Nordic Region, says Martin Backman, CEO of Foxway Group.

Because of Covid-19, many companies are struggling with their digital business, and consumers have increased their digital presence. That gives Foxway both the opportunities and responsibilities at the same time.

-Today 80 percent of all IT devices go to landfill. We want to change that with our unique business model. Foxway is the only company that takes care of the whole product lifecycle in-house. We are leasing and selling IT devices to companies and consumers, prolonging warranties for years and making sure devices that can’t be used any more are taken care of in a sustainable way. We want to make digital life easy for people, but at the same time limit our footprint, says Martin Backman.

Foxway aims to change people’s way of consuming. To take the lead as an ESG company, showing that used devices can be as good as new ones. The buyback solution for mobile phones from consumers is a big part of making it happen, and it makes people aware of the value old devices bring.

-Foxway has an impressive business model, with the ESG vision as a core component of its DNA. I am happy to be a part of Foxway and it’s a great pleasure to take the lead in the European expansion. With the team’s in-depth knowledge, passion and experience, I am eager to continue the success story abroad.”, says Agnes Makk.

Agnes is taking the role over from Jörgen Berg, who will be focusing on his position as chairman of the board. Agnes will be a part of the Group management team and report to the CEO of the group.

For further information:
Martin Backman, +46 708644222

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Replace is now a part of Foxway. You still find everything you need. If you have any questions let us know. We will help you.

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