Xllnc announces rebranding, changes name to Foxway

Foxway has entered the Nordic IT-market with bold ambitions to change expectations for how businesses manage their ICT-devices across their lifecycles.

Stockholm, 2. November 2020: Foxway is the new brand-name of a 600 people strong organisation that intend to make digital life easier for employees at big corporations and in the public sector. The company have operations across the Nordics and in Estonia, and currently service companies in more than 130 countries. The customer list includes large Nordic public entities, several of the biggest local corporations, and some of the world’s biggest brands that need easier access to tools and equipment across borders.   

“When our four companies come together we want to be circular economy champions. The aim is to become the market leader in the Nordics within sustainable IT within the next few years, and we will do this through changing expectations on how ICT-equipment should be managed”, said CEO at Foxway, Martin Backman.

Annual revenues exceed 3 billion SEK, and in the recent years, the company has grown more than 30 percent year over year. The aim for Foxway is to keep introducing services and solutions that benefit the customers by increasing profitability through sustainability.

 “We want to win market shares by innovating with services that allow our customers to find smarter ways to run their businesses, whilst also making a more positive impact for people, planet and profit, in that order”, said Backman.

Foxway unites Xllnc (pronounced Excellence) which has delivered ICT-solutions as a service to big corporations, Lin Education which is the Nordic market leader within digital solutions for education, Supplies Team AS which isa former ICT-reseller in Sweden and Replace that is one of the biggest vendors in Europe within repair and reuse of used devices and mobile phones.

“Our services allow our customers to focus on their business while we ensure that their staff always have access to the tools they need to be as productive as possible, regardless of time and place. We control the full lifecycle of devices ensuring that each device performs with the highest quality both for its first, second and third owner”, said Backman.

Foxway has a complete offering within IT lifecycle management across all continents. When devices no longer work as intended, they are shipped back to Foxway, and are either repaired, refurbished or redistributed to new owners. For devices that have reached the end of their lifecycle, Foxway will recover the residual value in electronic waste streams, ensuring that valuable materials are brought back to new production lines.

“When we crafted our new market position, we did extensive research into what Nordic businesses are looking for in a partner in the years to come. The emerging trend, that has been reinforced during Covid-19, is that businesses no longer want to own their equipment. They have a far bigger focus on more sustainable use of resources and are working across their value chains to find smarter ways to manage their operations. Our task is to help them achieve these goals through services that are easy, flexible and increase efficiency and profitability”, said Backman.

Please view this video for more information about who we are, and what we offer here.

Martin Backman, Chief Executive Officer
M: +46 708 644222

Emma Lindberg, Chief Marketing Officer
M: +46 709 530204

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