Device as a Service

A complete solution

Foxway is an international Device as a Service (DaaS) provider with a unique circular business model. With Foxway you get a complete service that enables sustainability, increases your flexibility, simplifies your operations, gives financial control, and decreases the total cost of ownership.

With Foxway, you get to choose between devices from world-leading brands combined with our efficient tech services – all used as a subscription with a monthly fee. We enable large organizations and companies to make the most out of their devices and we provide circular tech services all around the world.

Sustainability through circularity

Foxway’s Device as a Service (DaaS) enables an increased lifetime of devices through usage of devices in multiple lifecycles. The majority of the devices we take back get refurbished and/or repaired, so they can be used for another lifecycle. In our circular solution devices can live up to 2.5 times their lifetime. We offer environmental monitoring – with the aim to encourage sustainable choices and to minimize the Co2-footprint. We enable you to be a part of a circular economy as well as get clarity on the environmental impact in relation to your company’s devices.


Compared to traditional methods, our Device as a Service (DaaS) solution enables increased flexibility.

  • Increased ability to scale up and down depending on business needs​
  • Greater adaptability to changes – such as temporary project needs​
  • Devices can be recirculated (for example) when downsizing or if employees leave the company​


With Foxway you get one partner for the complete solution which enables information overview and control.​

  • All information in one place, through one digital platform and one partner​
  • Simple overview and control over devices, from business unit down to the individual device level​
  • Full control over the amount and cost per device

Cost efficiency and financial control

Full financial control and a predictable cost structure. You only pay for what you need​.

  • A monthly subscription fee ​
  • A more predictable cost structure, and a global pricing model with monthly price per device​​
  • An off-balance sheet solution, transfers from CAPEX to OPEX​​
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Security and audit trail

A more centralized handling of every unique device means more secure administration an processes.​

  • Individual control of each device – no risk of unmanaged devices
  • When devices are returned, data will be erased and a certificate is administrated
  • Audit trail of each device- from start to end of life​


At Foxway you get to choose between quality devices from world-leading brands. Our circular services give companies fit-for-purpose tech services with a reduced environmental footprint.

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Core Services

Foxway offers a complete in-house asset management service from procurement and delivery to disposal. Our asset management of devices has been developed to give you control, information overview, and prolonged the device's lifetime.

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Value added Services

Our value-added services are highly appreciated by companies from local to international and enable you to get even more services that fit your company's needs. Our value-added services include for example device management. 

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Circular economy

Enable true sustainability

Computers, mobile phones and other devices have a technical lifespan that far outlasts their commercial viability. Historically, user preferences have often taken precedence over sustainability, but today’s organizations and end users seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

We call our business model Circular Tech and it provides a broader view of the value chain that helps our customers and society to act more sustainably while achieving cost efficiency.

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