Device as a Service

Core services

Core services are services that are always included in our solution. Our core services are designed to meet your needs from procurement to recovery of devices and are well appreciated from organizations all around the world.

Device and vendor management

This service offers quality assured product advice according to your needs. With this approach, we can maintain and develop relationships with selected vendors while continuously evaluating chosen assortment towards overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

  • Planned device transition ​
  • Updated device catalogue
  • Certification process

Forcast and inventory

Forecasting is made monthly in the business governance forums. Forecast includes estimated volumes and is an important tool to secure strong service level.

  • Device stock fulfilment ​
  • Supply chain management


Foxway is brand independent and a certified partner with all market leading manufacturers. We offer a wide range of devices and replenishment is made directly from manufacturers and distributors, as well as first hand information.

  • Device stock maintenance ​
  • Bid-handling




We collaborate with international transport companies for logistic services. We keep track of the delivery through integrated systems, from when it leaves our warehouse until the customer has received the shipment.

  • Device delivery
  • Fulfilment ​of service level agreement

Asset management​

Administration of assets can be made by specific roles or employees, all depending on your needs. The assigned customer administrators get a full overview of all the company devices. Administration includes amongst other important functions: Move of asset or ownership and location changes.

  • Overview of devices


Reports are designed from a variety of data sources to provide comprehensive information on delivery accuracy, asset status, financial data etc.

In addition, reports can be tailored to meet the specific needs, providing flexible options to choose from a wide range of data sources and report parameters to suit a unique requirement.

The reports are designed to effectively present the data in a clear and easy-to-interpret manner, are available in the portal and can be scheduled individually to an e-mail address.

Warranty and repair coordination

Foxway coordinates both warranty and non-warranty repairs. Regardless of the type of repair, an authorized technician provides the service according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Non warranty
  • Warranty

Reverse logistics and recovery

For a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly handling of used devices. The service consists of return boxes, pickup of goods, hardware handling and decommission. The type of return material will be provided based on the contract and described in Delivery service. As an addition, an inquiry can be made for on-site personnel to help with site closures or decommission projects.

  • Reverse logistic​s
  • Renewal​​
  • Exchange reminders


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