Device as a Service

Value added services

We give you support from the day you receive your devices until the day they are recirculated back to us. Our value-added services are highly appreciated by companies from local to international and enables you to get even more out of our services. We offer a wide range of options for example, pre-provisioning, automated device enrollment and device management.

Inventory extension

Foxway can keep additional inventory extension to cover roll-outs, projects or other unforeseen needs in agreement with the customer.

  • Additional inventory capacity for larger roll outs


Redeployment service consists of re-stocking and re-using the devices that have been used within the organization. For example in cases of temporary workers, change of employments or other scenarios where a change of the user of equipment is needed.

  • Reuse devices internally
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Device configuration

Device configuration is a technical service that involves configuration of settings and features on a device or registration to a centralized management system. The service ensure that the OS is optimized for the specific needs of a user, along with performance, stability and security. Depending on customer requirements and capability, the infrastructure can be setup with different options.

  • Pre provisioning
  • Automated device enrollment

Device management​

Foxway can act as  part of the customer IT team by solving all daily maintenance and monitoring related to configuration, policies, and applications. The device management service which operates in a cloud-based environment consists of certification, packaging, configurations, compliance, software provisioning, and support.

  • Packaging and deployment of applications​
  • Certification of new hardware models monitoring 2nd & 3rd line end-user support


SWAP service provides an exchange of a broken device. SWAP services include a single item or item bundle, with accessories and/or customer configuration, delivered to user with return parcel for the broken device.

The old device gets repaired and re-delivered to customer unique SWAP-stock if in working condition. Devices that cannot or shall not be repaired, based on age, condition or repair costs, are sent for decommission.

  • Fast replacement of devices

Proactive asset management

Ghost device elimination gives you the knowledge of what devices are not in use and what costs can be saved by returning these devices.

  • Device performance
  • Actual device user
  • Ghost devices

On-site management

Provides support and assistance to end-users, leading to improved device usage and productivity.

  • Install/uninstall change

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