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Make your business flexible and cost efficient with Device As a Service.

A device with no strings attached

Don’t pay for more than you need. With Device As A Service, you get a monthly subcription on a device. For as long as you need it. No matter if it’s just for a couple of weeks, or a couple of years. So you get the right device at the right time.

Device As a Service is brand independent. It’s about finding the right manufacturer for your needs. We can help customize the device the way you want them. With the right settings, security and screen protection. And with a updating cycle that fits your workplace. So you can save both time and costs.

Keeping track of our equipment and making sure it reaches the right person at the right time is always crucial for this type of logistics. Our partnership with Foxway has helped us gain better control over logistics. And gives us full cost control.

Fredrik Nygren, AFRY

A seamless lifecycle management

We believe service and orders should be easy. With Foxway VILMA ServiceNow, you can see the lifetime, cost center and financial agreements of your hardware. Making your lifecycle management of every device seamless, from purchase to take-back. What you get from VILMA:

  • Overview and control of assets
  • Possibility to create a ticket for your device
  • Ability to export to different formats (like Excel, CSV and PDF)
  • Financial information – Leasing plan, costs, leasing period for each device.
  • Change owner and user of the device with ease
  • Upgrade your device based on its lifetime and status
  • Ability to import already existing devices


What is lifecycle management and why you need it

There’s a lot happening between the day you invest in new hardware and the day it has finally served its purpose and is ready for hardware heaven.

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