Learning like people like it

Foxway is the leader in the booming Nordic education market. Over the years we have built up unique knowledge on how to create the strongest synergies between people, processes and technology. We put our idealism to work when we support schools to master new digital ways of learning, helping corporate users to champion new workstyles, and transfer our skills from digitalizing school to freeing up more caring hands in healthcare and the welfare sector.

Didactics is the key ingredient in our recipe. We combine the right tools for the right tasks with processes that stimulate learning in ways that will give people of all ages the most benefit. Our knowledge of change processes drives true value, and our specialists are most satisfied when they help school, public entities, or when corporate users gain benefits from new ways of working and learning.

We can help you plan for what you need, and how its best delivered, while also managing your IT assets across their entire lifespan. We are partnering with Apple, Microsoft and Google education, and also have the highest partnership status with Lenovo, HP, Acer, Dell and Asus. Our rich stocks of high quality refurbished equipment ensure more people access to the sustainable and cost-effective tools they need in order to excel in a digitalized society.


We take learnings from the education market to help other parts of society manage digital change. We facilitate smarter ways of working, and introduce technology that frees up more caring hands in healthcare and the welfare sector

IT users are like athletes in a way. The ones who train the best are also the ones who succeed the most. The ability to change creates a competitive edge, while management must ensure that staff has the motivation, skills and knowledge they will need for the years to come. Digital workstyles transformed how we communicate, collaborate and share information. This plays directly into Foxway’s purpose to make it easier for people to communicate, learn and care.

Big global organisations look to us to prepare for the future. And as a result, Foxway has trained hundred and thousands of teachers and corporate users. We always explore new ways of transferring knowledge, and our customers get a unique combination of a huge global IT reseller and an education specialist. We are at our happiest when we are viewed as an innovative partner that helps people and organisations evolve.

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