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Digitizing the government sector can come with a lot of costs. Especially when it comes to management, distribution, training, support and buy-backs. Or even capital that’s been tied down. We are here to help you. In that way, you can make your workplace smarter and more efficient.

Technology is constantly changing our lives. It’s changing the way we work. And as a result, the need to make a difference for the government is growing.

We make the digital transformation work for you. So you can combine your digital tools, content and processes and make the everyday better for you and your organization. No matter how you do your business, we can find a way to make this work for you.

No matter if you’re new to digital journeys, or the one leading it, we can always find the right solution for you.  So you can keep doing what you do best.


Keeping track of our equipment and making sure it reaches the right person at the right time is always crucial for this type of logistics. Our partnership with Foxway has helped us gain better control over logistics. And gives us full cost control.

Fredrik Nygren at AFRY

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