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The circular way forward

Our circular business model is driving sustainability in all parts of the products’ lifecycle. We are enabling true “as a service” to our customers and partners by lifecycle services, recovery services and remarketing services in combination with supporting data and advisory to drive sustainability. Let us explain how.

Lifecycle services

For us, everything starts with a device. It could be Foxway or a partner of ours that device lands in the hands of the user. We always encourage our customers and partners to choose long-life devices. These devices can be kept alive and bring functionality to as many users as possible or as long as possible in the market.

During the course of this lifecycle we manage billing, and in many cases more advanced services like MDM, end-user support, swap, etc. Once the device has been used for the agreed period, we securely bring the device back for refurbishment and prepare it for the next lifecycle.

Recovery services

We retrieve the devices in the marketplaces that are ready to be exchanged. Once they reach our tech centers we perform a secure data wipe, then we repair and upgrade the devices to make them ready for a new user. With the recovery services, we manage our own as-a-service devices, our partner’s trade-in devices, or ITAD-managed returns of devices. With this, we give the devices a new life, ensuring the best possible outcome in reducing the industry’s footprint and extracting value from our partners and customers.

Remarketing services

Finally, when putting a device back on the market with a new life cycle, either into an as-a-service model or on a retailer’s shelf, we offer the market’s lowest footprint. We can help our customers and partners to reduce their footprint with 98 % related to procurement in Scope 3 (climate reporting of carbon footprint). By offering mobiles at as low as 2 kg per device and laptops at 6 kg. These devices will end up in the hands of new users with full warranties (currently up to two years) and the highest possible quality standard.

Advisory & Insights

Along the way, we are providing our customers and partners with advisory, and data connected to the devices that create valuable insights to the business and drive sustainability.

Our business model represents a true example of a sustainable business. Not only being profitable for all partners involved but also reducing the negative footprint of the industry and serving as an example for other industries. We are managing millions of devices yearly, last year helping the industry reduce the footprint with >141.000 tons of CO2.

Ove Lidström, Head of Business development at Foxway

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We’re an ambitious team of experts focused on providing circular tech services to large organizations, the public sector and the recommerce industry. We recover and remarket tech, and provide the infrastructure necessary to give it a truly sustainable life-cycle.

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