About us

The Foxway is circular

We’re an ambitious team of experts focused on providing circular tech services to large organizations, the public sector and the recommerce industry. We recover and remarket tech, and provide the infrastructure necessary to give it a truly sustainable life-cycle.

The Foxway story

Foxway is not an ordinary tech company. Our circular services focus on adding value to our customers by solving very real problems concerning cost efficiency, business success and sustainability. We provide large organizations and resellers of consumer electronics with Device as a Service, recovery services and remarketing services, along with insights and data.

But what really separates us from other tech companies is our ability to offer a truly sustainable lifecycle for devices. We call our business model Circular Tech and it helps make sustainability an integral part of your daily business, instead of just a mission statement.

In recent years, we’ve experienced rapid growth, both in terms of our own business and when it comes to global efforts to make digital society more sustainable. To us, that’s cause for optimism when it comes to our long-term mission: To enable sustainable tech for everyone.

Our Foxway journey

We started in 2009 with an ambition to be the leading sustainability enabler in the tech sector, making an impact on society, people and our customers’ revenues.

Today we’re happy to boast a team of committed, curious, passionate, and courageous experts. Looking ahead, we will continue to grow and develop our services in circular tech together with our customers and partners. And we´ve only just begun!

Circular economy

Enable true sustainability

Computers, mobile phones and other devices have a technical lifespan that far outlasts their commercial viability. Historically, user preferences have often taken precedence over sustainability, but today’s organizations and end users seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our business model provides a broader view of the value chain that helps our customers and society to act more sustainably.

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