Foxway honored with Outstanding Climate Action Award 2024

Foxway has been awarded the prestigious Lenovo 360 Circle Outstanding Climate Action Award for 2024. This recognition places us at the forefront of sustainability efforts within the tech industry.

Among over 75 of the largest tech companies, a distinguished panel of rating institutes, NGOs, and experts selected Foxway for the top honor. The award citation highlighted: “Your innovative approach and commitment to sustainability have not only set a high standard but have also inspired others to take meaningful action towards a more sustainable future.”

– This award underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility and our continuous efforts to drive impactful change. Our innovative strategies and more sustainable practices have set new benchmarks, inspiring others in the industry to follow, says Kai-Riin Kriisa, Chief Sustainability Officer at Foxway.

Receiving this award is a significant milestone for Foxway, validating our mission and the meaningful impact of our collective efforts.

– In a world where greenwashing and superficial accolades abound, genuine recognition for efforts aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, consumption, and implementing circular solutions is crucial. Despite the challenges, we are grateful for the attention and support, Kai-Riin concludes.

A special thanks to Lenovo’s passionate team for their dedication and collaboration in advancing sustainability initiatives.

Foxway are devoted to reducing the negative footprint of the tech industry, both internally and by empowering our customers and partners to do the same.

Kai-Riin Kriisa, Chief Sustainability Officer at Foxway

Track our progress through our Sustainability report, Science-Based Targets and Decarbonization Plan, as well as our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into our business strategy and foster industry degrowth.

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