The world's most sustainable business model

Foxway aspires to help our customers get closer to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve this, our circular business model explores sustainable solutions by fostering relationships with our partners and customers.

Within Foxway ourselves, we will be carbon neutral by 2023.

Sustainable business

When devices live longer, more people can benefit from access to technology. Within our ecosystem, we prove that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.

Our circular solutions give enterprises, public entities, and schools access to more affordable, high-quality technology.

And we reduce their carbon footprint.

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Europe’s leading ESG enabler

It’s not easy to put Foxway in a specific box, as we have created our own. Our business model allows us to claim that we are the leading ESG enabler in the European tech industry.

As industry leaders in ESG, we are unique. We deliver the best user experience of devices for the duration of their lifetime.

Foxway guarantees higher levels of sustainability benefits for all our customers.

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Pioneer, persuade and profit

A modern workplace must commit to using its resources smarter, aim to accomplish sustainable and profitable growth, while reducing carbon footprints and consuming less.

An obvious solution is to ensure ICT equipment lasts longer and performs better within the IT industry.

Nothing should go to waste.

Explore how we ask our customers to stop owning things

Three lives

Access to new and affordable IT equipment and mobile phones will become more challenging in the future.

A shortage of resources needed to produce new devices will lead to supply chain problems for big manufacturers.

To reduce equipment shortages, IT equipment produced must last longer. Plus, if society adjusts its expectations, then more employees will be happy to use high-quality second and third life equipment.

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The biggest team of sustainability experts in Europe

Foxway boasts the highest number of skilled experts handling IT equipment, with more than 60 percent of staff being qualified sustainability experts.

They know that green business services are profitable and are achieved through loyal staff, more interesting partnerships, tenders and bids, and legislation.

Our teams continually improve processes ensuring that all equipment lasts longer and that resources don’t go to waste. Plus, our teams only use second life equipment!

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance. It refers to the three central factors in measuring the impact of operations in an organization.

We help our customers improve their business and reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals along the way.

Read more about UN's sustainability goals

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