Extended lifetime

Choose equipment that lives longer

Access to new and affordable IT equipment and mobile phones will become more challenging in the future.

A shortage of resources needed to produce new devices will lead to supply chain problems for big manufacturers.

To reduce equipment shortages, IT equipment produced must last longer. Plus, if our society adjusts its expectations, then more corporate workers will be happy to use high-quality second and third life equipment.

Deliver more than one life

1st life: We influence our customers to invest in higher-quality solutions that last longer.

2nd life: Our 2nd life customers profit when equipment is redeployed – after extensive repairs and upgrades.

3rd life: We pioneer redistribution in ways that allow more people access to much-needed technology.

The whole lifecycle in-house

With Foxway, you pay as you go for your equipment. We control the device for you across its lifespan. We guarantee that owners of first, second, and even third life devices receive the best user experience. Foxway is the only vendor that helps our customers across all lifecycles for ICT devices.

Our responsibility begins from where devices and mobile phones are produced and ends when it has reached the end of its shelf life. Foxway measures our success by how long we can extend the lifespan for each unit. Our competitors only deal with “one life,” we pride ourselves on serving all.

“50 million tonnes of e-waste are produced each year and left unchecked; this could double to 120 million tonnes by 2050. It is hard to imagine even 50 million tonnes. Yet this is equal in weight to all the commercial aircraft we have built throughout history. Or 4,500 Eiffel Towers, enough to cover an area the size of Manhattan – and that’s just one year’s worth of the e-waste we create.”

World Economic Forum

Warranties for more years

Warranties have usually already expired when a device reaches its average lifetime. Still, with our Greenzone-service, we will extend the warranty. Replaced products go directly to one of our recycling facilities.

“By 2025, 90% of G2000 companies will mandate reusable materials in IT hardware supply chains, carbon neutrality targets for providers’ facilities, and lower energy use as prerequisites for doing business.”


Foxway has several extensive recycling, repair, and upgrade facilities in the Nordic region. They are safe, GDPR approved, and their high-quality facilities ensure your products get more shelf life. Either in a new market or back to you as a customer. 

That’s circular for you.

Recycle is the last step. But one of the most vital

When a reused device no longer serves a purpose, we recycle them in the most environmentally friendly way. Resources go back into the production of new devices, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. 

This is our way of making a difference. For you. For the environment. For the society. It’s the Foxway of doing things.

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