Start sharing resources

Start sharing resources

A modern workplace should commit to using its resources smarter and achieve sustainable and profitable growth while reducing carbon footprints and consuming less.

An obvious solution is to ensure ICT equipment lasts longer and performs better within the IT industry.

Nothing should go to waste.

A tsunami of e-waste

The World Economic Forum states that the demand for electronic devices creates the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. The United Nations labels this as a tsunami of e-waste.

This backdrop provides the focus for how Foxway built its business. We undertook the challenge of solving this problem and turning it into a new profitable revenue stream. 

Not only do we reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals. But we also create societies that prosper without destroying the generations that follow. 

“At Foxway, we live as we learn. Sustainability is a huge part of our DNA. It impregnates everything we do. Both externally and internally.”

Urvo Männama, Business Development Director at Foxway

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We ask our customers to “stop owning things.” Our services ensure access to better equipment and thus combine sustainability and profitability.

Doing this helps our customers move significant steps towards carbon neutrality. Technology creates fantastic opportunities for people worldwide, reducing the digital gaps within societies. 

A sustainable new market has arrived

Foxway’s circular business models offer people the opportunity of extending the lifespan of their devices and equipment. 

You win. We win. Society gets better.

“A recent study estimates that applying circular economy principles across the EU economy has the potential to increase EU GDP by an additional 0.5% by 2030 creating around 700,000 new jobs.”

EU Green Deal

Foxway supports the trend where tenders prioritize circularity over lower costing bids. Equipment from cheaper offers lack longevity and quickly become waste. All consumers of ICT equipment, from phones to laptops, need to pause and think. 

What is the most sustainable choice? 

What is most profitable in the long run? 

How much is a unit worth after 3, 6, or 9 years? 

People must understand that used high-quality devices often are far better than cheap and new ones.

Newer, sustainably conscious generations are choosing businesses that embrace circularity.

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