How we work to change society

Power to influence

It’s not easy to put Foxway in a specific box, as we have created our own. Our business model allows us to claim that we are the leading sustainability enabler in the European tech industry.

As industry leaders in sustainability, we are unique.

Foxway delivers the best user experience of devices for the duration of their lifetime. We guarantee higher levels of sustainability benefits for all our customers.

We make a difference. Together.

Foxway has become the leading platform for positive ICT change within our region. We do this by making it easier for our customers to close gaps between their goals and results.

Our uniqueness facilitates between those that produce and those who consume. We’re able to influence both sides and make a difference together. 

“70% of supply chain leaders plan to invest in the circular economy.”

Gartner Group

Ready for sustainable choices?

Foxway’s business model is straightforward. We are taking something produced by someone else and offer it to customers seeking to make better choices. Then we take it back, repair it and offer it to someone else. Along the journey, we deliver profitable benefits to all those involved. Our customers secure more cost-friendly access to high-quality equipment.

“We want to show our customers that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. With our unique lifecycle, we know we can.”

Stefan Nilsson, Head of Sustainability at Foxway Group

Challenge the status quo…

Foxway strives to convince our customers to stop owning things. We share with them the financial advantages of renting devices as a service over buying them.

By challenging the status quo, we improve our business model and ensure sustainable progress.

We continually innovate with our service offering. This creates:

  • a more sustainable society

  • a motivated workforce

  • profitability through sustainability – for our partners, customers, and ourselves

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