Apple for Education

Get started with Apple's ecosystem

We are a certified Apple Authorized Education Specialist. This means we can easily help you get started with Apple’s ecosystem. Everything from tools and content to service and support. Apple’s ecosystem provides every opportunity to create both individualized and collaborative learning processes that make a difference at your school.

Apple deployment

Zero Touch

The key to smooth and easy management of your school’s Apple devices is Apple School Manager. Apple School Manager is a web-based portal for IT administrators that works with your third-party mobile device management (MDM) solution so you can easily purchase content in volume, whether your staff is using an iPad, Mac or iPhone. We can help you make your deployment of Apple devices a comfortable experience.

Zero Touch – Education

For teachers and employees

As a teacher, do you feel like you want to immerse yourself in Apple’s classroom ecosystem? We offer Apple Teacher, which is a free continuing education program that aims to make teachers even sharper at using Apple when teaching. Read more about Apple Teacher and other Apple education programs.

As a school leader, what can you do to harness the full power of Apple tools at your school? We offer tailored leadership training to take your leadership in the Apple environment to the next level. Are you curious about how other schools around the world have worked with Apple products?

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For students

What do students get out of using Apple products in their studies? There’s a lot of potential. Imagination is the only thing stopping you. You can adapt them to your style of learning and become more involved and engaged. That, and a lot more. Want to know what other possibilities are out there?

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For IT

Why should you use Apple if you’re working with IT security in a school? Because it’s easy to deal with, flexible, and saves you time are just some of the major advantages. Apple does its best to make sure its products feel simple and intuitive for you and your school, both when it comes to using them and during every part of deployment.

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For parents

Nobody knows a child better than their parents. Apple products help parents feel safe and comfortable, whenever children use their products. Apple always works hard on safety for families. As a parent, you can keep track of your child’s apps, set limits, and exceptions. That, and a lot more.

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