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Rental as a Service

The circular and sharing economy is a more sustainable option compared to the linear consumption pattern. The concept of renting, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling products and materials extends the device’s total life cycle. High-quality products are proven to have a longer life cycle and can be reused several times because of a prolonged economic and technical lifespan.

How it works
The possibility to rent tech devices creates a more circular way of using electronics. It contributes to sustainable usage of the products since they can be repaired and refurbished during the rental period enabling devices to be reused more than once.

What we offer
The concept is based on a subscription service. It’s a complete solution that enables you to provide tech devices as a service or “Rental as a service”.

Examples of services that we offer as a part of this are the technical system backend, a white-labeled frontend for both self-service portal environments and online (web, apps), logistic flows, financing solutions, repair and refurbishment, customer support, etc.

We have open APIs which means we can easily and safely connect to your internal systems for this process. To support the implementation, we also have an experienced integration team in place.

With our rental as a service concept, we offer our partners an authentic circular solution with full guarantee for the consumer. Your customers can rent quality smartphones from your website, and return the device if it’s damaged or not functioning properly.

Mikkel Frid, President of Recommerce Mobiles Business Area at Foxway

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