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Veidekke is an organization consisting of a vast number of projects, of varied duration, where employees are moved from one project to another.

Veidekke is an organization consisting of a vast number of projects, of varied duration, where employees are moved from one project to another. To ensure that the IT equipment is not restricted to each individual project, a flexible service was required. Together, we devised a sustainable, circular solution with Foxway Device as a Service.

Foxway Device as a Service (DaaS)

Foxways Device as a Service (DaaS) enables sustainability, increases flexibility, simplifies your operations, gives financial control, and decreases the total cost of ownership. The solutionexpands the lifetime of devices through multiple lifecycles. 

“Veidekke is a company with operations across the country, managing around 500 active projects at any given time. Each project involves anywhere from 10 to 1500 employees. As part of Veidekke’s digital transformation, we identified a need to provide our skilled workers with digital tools for time tracking, quality control, project follow-up, technical drawings, and more. Upon recognizing this need, we envisioned the potential to distribute approximately 1500 mobile devices to workers nationwide, seeking an industrialized, automated process for logistics, repair, and importantly, billing,” Kristian Hoel Sørensen, Responsible end-user equipment at Veidekke states.

Cost efficiency and flexibility 

The current tech inventory at Veidekke comprises around 3000 PCs, 1500 tablets, and 5500 smartphones. Consequently, it was crucial to ensure the solution was scalable and as streamlined as possible during the transition from owning to leasing this equipment.

The investment costs for a project of this magnitude could have easily reached into the multi-millions. Therefore, the business sought a solution where the costs for the devices could be billed directly to the project that an employee was assigned to at any given time. This undertaking required a reliable partner with expertise in logistics and large-scale rollouts.

By choosing Foxway Device as a Service, Veidekke acquired a versatile service allowing for seamless device redeployment throughout the company, proving especially valuable during times of cost reduction or when initiating new projects. 

“Veidekke does not have the desire to manage assets, track invoices, and certainly not to handle the rollout of such a large number of smartphones. Therefore, we reached out to Foxway to explore the available solutions and opportunities,” Kristian says.

Foxway and Veidekke chose to develop a joint solution where Veidekke provides relevant projectdata from their HR system into ServiceNow. An integration was established between ServiceNow and Foxways proprietary XIMA solution. The setup offers a great transparency and facilitates a process that requires no manual intervention.

The solution from Foxway was co-developed with Veidekke. It boasts well-documented workflows and a very clear allocation of responsibilities. Kristian implies that the established history between Foxway and Veidekke was the cornerstone for choosing Foxway as the solution provider:

“Veidekke has been relying on Foxway for our PC needs since 2015 and we’ve been extremely satisfied ever since. Foxway has shown a consistent interest in finding solutions that best meet Veidekke’s needs, while we have strived to be a good customer for Foxway. The relationship has always been more of a collaboration, rather than the typical ‘supplier-customer’ dynamic we often see. From day one, Foxways proactive approach to addressing our needs and desires has been at the forefront, which has proven to be both valuable and crucial for Veidekke,” he says.

Sustainability through circularity 

The fact that Foxway emphasizes circular consumption and holds the ambition for a more sustainable IT industry aligns with the values and priorities at Veidekke.

“The construction industry has distinct and unambiguous goals to minimize the environmental footprint. Given our sizable IT portfolio, it’s only natural for us as a company to also consider the carbon footprint generated by our IT consumption. Our current lifecycle agreement with Foxway ensures that we can maintain technical currency in our IT platform, with the assurance that our devices have multiple lives in the market—being reused one, two, even three times over,” Kristian concludes.

Better together – for a better future

As a global provider of sustainable IT solutions, Foxway has been supplying equipment to Veidekke for several years.

We are both grateful and proud of the collaboration with Veidekke. As a significant partner, we look forward to expanding the partnership further, potentially with a similar solution for other departments in Veidekke Nordics.

Enterprise Device as a Service DaaS

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