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OEM - Buyback solution

Reclaim capital from initial production
We will purchase previous releases of your devices back from your customer base. This allows you to free up capital for further product development and product upgrades.

With our buyback tool, OEMs can safely and securely dispose of their used or outdated devices while recovering some of their initial investment. We accept a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more, regardless of their condition.

Experienced partner brings you service reliability
Take advantage of our experienced online buyback tool with your distributors. With our automated device identification, your customers will know exactly what they get when trading in their old devices. It can be a single device, or a hundred all at once.

The platform automatically provides a quote based on the current market value of the devices, and if the OEM accepts, we handle the rest. We arrange shipping, securely erase all data from the devices, and recycle or resell them, depending on their condition. Our certificates of industry standards ensure complete data deletion before device remarketing.

Our years of experience and the tailor-made buyback platform saves OEMs the time and effort of managing the remarketing process themselves. We strive to enable circular tech while letting partners focus on their core business operations.

Mikkel Frid, Sourcing Director at Foxway 

Proper disposal empowers responsible reinvestment 

We are committed to providing a secure and efficient service that meets the needs of our clients while supporting a sustainable future for our planet.

Our buyback program helps companies recover some of their investment in research and development. Device buyback is a sustainable and responsible way to dispose of used electronics.


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