About Us

On June 15, 2020, all four companies of Xllnc Group were reborn under a new identity. The date marked the start of a six months rebranding process, introducing a player that always pushes for positive change in society. Our 500 colleagues are redefining the way we do things and what believe in, and the goals and ambitions we strive for.

And our new brand is Foxway.

Our purpose is to make it easier for people to communicate, learn and care. We will demonstrate how sustainable change and profitability go hand in hand – for our clients and partners, and also for ourselves. Foxway is about always challenging the status quo.

At Foxway, we do business without damaging the very foundation that allows us to exist. Every year, the Nordic countries consume 3.6 times the resources the earth can regenerate in a year. The need for change is imminent, and Nordic businesses must come together and do some heavy lifting. That’s why we decided to find smarter ways of doing things. The ambition for innovation is part of our DNA, and our culture is designed to benefit people, planet and profit – in that order.

We are Service Thinkers. Always one step ahead, solving problems – letting our customers focus on what they do best. We are here to make life better for our customers, and for society. To run that extra mile and seek new answers for education, for financing equipment in innovative ways, for staff workspaces, and to ensure global asset recovery. We are here to help you find your way in the digital life. We are Foxway.

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