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IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a significant part of our business. The service simplifies the process of giving new life to used devices in a traceable, eco-friendly manner while making a profit from them.

Enabling Circular tech

At Foxway, we promote circular tech and full lifecycle management. Our motivation is to ensure that devices provide maximum value for as long as possible. IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) makes us unique as the only provider in our region that globally manages the entire lifecycle of tech equipment. ITAD is defined as the service Foxway provides for the process: return, refurbishment, reuse, and reporting of used tech equipment. The service is handled in certified facilities and offered as a global service.

Tech equipment that is collected gets registered, securely data-wiped, tested, graded, cleaned, and then resold. As a customer, you can monitor this process through our exclusive Partner Portal, which also offers reports such as erasure reports, ESG reports, and financial reports. Our aim is to reuse as many devices as possible within their original region before considering sales across borders. If the devices can’t be reused, components and raw materials are extracted, and the rest is recycled in a safe, secure manner.

Foxway's mission is to make circular tech equipment available to everyone, enabling a single PC to have three life cycles spanning over 10 years. This benefits the environment significantly and our partners play a crucial role in contributing to this positive impact.

Lasse Mørk-Andersen, Sales Director at Foxway

Value Recovery

Foxway always strives to achieve the highest residual value for your business’s devices through our network. Our goal is to extend the lifespan of digital devices, providing them with two or even three life cycles. This can be accomplished either by redeployment of the equipment within your organization or through resale in the second-hand market.

Data Security

To ensure that data from the devices you provide does not go astray, we make sure they are securely wiped before they are reused or resold.

All data erasure is performed professionally through certified processes in a dedicated “Secure Zone” on Foxways own premises. For thorough and secure data erasure, we utilize the Blancco erasure software.

Our procedures are ISO-certified in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001 standards. This demonstrates our commitment to quality, safety, information security, and environmental management.

Software-based data protection, recommended by Gartner, NIST, and ISO, enables used devices to be resold without any traces from their previous owner. Our data erasure processes guarantee complete data removal every time, with each unit receiving an erasure certificate upon completion.

Reports and Insight

Our customers gain access to a dedicated Partner Portal, providing a comprehensive overview of all submitted equipment and data erasure documentation.

This way, the customer achieves full control over their returned units, both from an environmental, economic, and regulatory perspective.

The reports provide insight into:

  • Complete overview of devices down to serial number level
  • Device status – Resale/Recycled, Deleted/Granulated
  • Financial settlement and sale prices for resale
  • Your company’s environmental contribution

Environmental Savings

By submitting devices that are no longer in use, you help others benefit from quality tech equipment, reducing the demand for brand-new equipment. Our Partner Portal features environmental reports, documenting environmental savings. These reports can also be integrated into the customer’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting.

The fact that we always strive to sell the devices within the national borders also contributes positively to the environment by reducing transportation and other factors that increase emissions.


It is not always necessary for employees to have the latest equipment. By reassigning existing equipment within the company for a second life, you can achieve a more cost-effective solution while making an eco-friendly choice. We collect your existing equipment, refurbish it, and make it feel almost new. This way, others within the company can get “new” equipment without it feeling used.

Another significant advantage is our handling of repositioned units through our integrated system. Our employees ensure to deliver the units are safely in their boxes, cleaned, and ready for use. We send the equipment and make sure it is prepared according to the company’s organizational requirements.

Safe and Secure Global Logistics

Foxway handles more than 2 million data-bearing units per year. As it is not unusual for our customers to replace tens of thousands of units annually, we have scalable processes that enable the handling of large volumes.

Our customers consist of companies with between 500 and 200,000 employees, each with multiple units to be handled by us or our strategic partners.

At Foxway, our integrated management of reverse logistics, preferably connected to our Device as a Service (DaaS), provides a seamless experience for our customers. If you choose Device as a Service (DaaS) in combination with ITAD, we send out new tech equipment in safety lockers, and the customer uses the same locker for the return of their used devices. In this way, we minimize packaging material and environmental footprint while ensuring data security, reuse, and environmentally correct handling.

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