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Global IT asset disposition

Bring New Life to Old Devices
IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a large part of our business. It makes us unique as the only provider in our region that globally handles the entire lifecycle of ICT devices. Foxway’s ITAD make it easier to bring new life to old assets in an environmentally friendly way and profit from them.

Enable Circular Tech
IT Asset Disposition is defined as the service provided by Foxway for return, processing, and reporting of used IT equipment (tech). Foxway will handle the service in Foxway facilities or through a Partner Processing Network to provide ITAD as a global service. All equipment will be collected, registered, securely data wiped, tested, graded, cleaned, reported, and settled.


Foxway will always look to achieve the highest prices through our large channel network. Our goal is to reuse as much of the equipment as possible in local markets, but also to have wide possibilities in global volumes.

Steinar Aune, Country Manager Norway

Value Recovery

At Foxway, we promote circular tech and full lifecycle management. Managing the entire lifespan of the device is our core strength. Our biggest motivation is ensuring that device provides higher value for your business for as long as possible. Our strategy is to extract the highest potential value from your used devices, by giving them a second or third lifecycle through redeploying the equipment within your organization, or we remarket the devices and sell them to the secondary market.

On-site Services

When our customers have limited resources, we provide on-site services to manage their used assets. Our expert staff safely and efficiently operate on-site and create additional value to your business. Foxway offers on-site data erasure, asset inventory, data destruction, packing, and decommission work.

Data Security

Even if a device appears broken or has been wiped and reset, data can be restored. Your data must be entirely erased from your ICT equipment before disposal, reuse, or remarketing to prevent this.

Software-based data erasure is a data sanitization method recommended by Gartner, NIST, and ISO. This method allows reuse assets to be resold or donated after the erasure process. Our data erasure solutions guarantee complete, compliant data sanitization every time. Each data-bearing device receives a certificate of erasure or certificate of destruction.


It is not always necessary to equip your staff with state-of-the-art devices. It’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to give devices a second life. We help collect devices and refurbish them so that new internal owners feel they receive an almost brand-new PC, Mac, or mobile phone.

Even more beneficial is our ability to manage the end user’s order of a redeployed unit through our integrated systems. Our people ensure that delivered devices are in their boxes, undamaged, and ready for use. We ship redeployed and configured units containing your company branding or organizational requirements. Our local teams make it easy to deliver to your remote employees working at home.

International Brand

Foxway handles devices globally and manages more than 1.6 million data-bearing devices annually. Since it is not uncommon that our customers replace thousands of devices each year, we equip our operations to handle large volumes.

Foxway customers span from 1,000 to 100,000 employees, each having multiple devices processed by us or through our strategic alliance partners.

Global Collections

Your equipment must be safe and secure when handled. Foxway provides:

  • Timely pickups.
  • Consistent communication with your team.
  • A transparent process that ensures secure handling and limits costs.

All equipment is handled through our digital platform. Employees request a collection, and we ship devices to our nearest processing center.

Safe and Secure Global Logistics
At Foxway, our integrated reverse logistics management provides a seamless experience for our customers. We provide regional, national, and global support from single products to full containers. Foxway is a genuine global logistics partner.

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