Recovery services

Corporate takeback

We buy pre-owned smartphones and tablets from business clients, assess their condition, and remarket them to new users for a second life.

Any company who has unused devices at their disposal can sign up as a client. There are no limits to the quantity of devices you can send for assessment. The service is currently available to all companies registered and operating in Germany.

Sell your devices

Additional revenue

When a device is no longer used by its first owner, it can still hold value. The takeback service lets you turn those devices into revenue in a smart and simple way.

We also offer a satisfaction guarantee — if you’re not happy with your offer, we will send the devices back to you without additional cost.

Data security

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified, which means we keep a high standard of quality for our services and ensure a complete data wipe for every device we process in compliance with international standards.

Moreover, we provide reports on data deletion for all processed devices.

Environmental responsibility

By collecting your idle devices and giving them an opportunity for a second life, you can contribute to enabling circular tech. Our goal is to resell the collected devices to give them a second life. We hold an ISO 14001 certificate and work toward reducing environmental impact.

Simple process in a few clicks

The takeback portal is easy to use and can be done from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.