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Device as a Service

Foxway is a Device as a Service (DaaS) provider with a unique circular business model. With Foxway you get a complete subscription service that enables sustainability, increases your flexibility, simplifies your operations, gives financial control, and decreases the total cost of ownership.

Choose either new devices, or the perfect mix of new and premium refurbished devices, from world-leading brands combined with our efficient tech services.

We enable large organizations and companies to utilize their devices in a circular, sustainable way.

Benefits of choosing Device as a Service


  • Ability to scale up and down depending on business needs​
  • Adapt to changes – such as temporary projects
  • Possibility for recirculating devices if no longer needed


  • One partner for the complete solution
  • Access all your information through one digital platform
  • Simple overview and control over all devices

Cost efficiency and financial control

  • A cost-efficient solution compared to linear procurement
  • A predictable cost structure with a monthly subscription fee per device
  • An off-balance sheet solution, transfers from CAPEX to OPEX​​
  • Lower total cost of ownership


  • Individual control of each device – no risk of unmanaged devices
  • Data from each returned device will be erased in a secure way
  • An erasure-certificate is administrated
  • Keep track of the full lifecycle of each device – from start to end of life

How our device as a service works

The sustainability impacts with DaaS

Enable circular tech 

Foxway Device as a Service enables an increased lifetime of devices through usage in multiple lifecycles. Choose premium refurbished devices as a part of your solution and reduce your Scope 3 emissions significantly. Receive key data and insights of your devices environmental impact for you to use in your CSRD-reporting.

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Download our guide!

Sustainable procurement of tech devices

Eager to explore sustainable tech solutions for your business? Discover environmentally friendly tech solutions and drive sustainability from a tech perspective with our guide.

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We enable a shift from linear consumption to circular usage of devices. This results in a strong impact on the environment as we increase the use of resources and decrease the carbon footprint. Everyone becomes winners in the transition to circular tech.

Steinar Aune, President of Circular Workspace Solutions, Foxway

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