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B2B Buyback solution

We work with companies to reclaim value from the technology market. We support companies to enable returns from their business partners. Our B2B Buyback platform allows fast pricing for any volume of devices, so you can present a competitive and guaranteed buyback price to your partners.

Independent and flexible collection
You can benefit from our easy-to-use portal when buying back any electronic device from your customers. No matter your location, the electronic device buyback platform is there to support you with live buyback prices and a logistics overview.

You can be fully independent when making transactions with your customers. We will set up the system to extract return price quotes for you or have your partners use the white-labeled platform directly. We will step in when it’s time to collect the old hardware.

Our aftersales care includes full transparency when it comes to an overview of returns and contracts, device condition, and its journey to finding a new life.

Each device can find a new life and we’re dedicated to maximizing the value of all used equipment. Let’s work together to create a more sustainable environment.

Mikkel Frid, Sourcing Director at Foxway 

Why Foxway?

Easy end-of-lease device collection 

When you enter a device lease or life cycle management agreement with your customer, we can be there when it’s time to upgrade the IT suite and find a sustainable future for the end-of-lease hardware. We can purchase used devices and give them a second life.


An added incentive to your sales deals 

The B2B buyback platform can handle any volume of trade-in devices to add an incentive to bulk device sales. Let us explain. When a distributor wishes to restock their store with new devices, an enterprise, OEM, or sales agent can offer to buy back some of their long-standing and obsolete hardware. The devices can easily be entered into the platform, a buyback price is calculated automatically, and we guarantee the quote for some time, enough for you to close the sale.


Inter-company device management as a revenue stream 

We offer tailor-made solutions for internal device replacements. This is a way to handle your employee devices across your offices, even from a distance. Our B2B buyback platform will act as a central employee-facing portal for device swaps.



Secure and sustainable IT equipment management 

We will take care of the device reuse at no extra cost to you. When we receive the devices, it goes through rigorous testing and data deletion so that no sensitive or confidential information can be retrieved.

The entire process around managing, erasing information, and remarketing the devices on the aftermarket or recycling is handled securely within Foxway. The process is in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), and ISO 27001 (information security).


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