Foxway retail trade-in platform is a great option to achieve sustainability goals

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Retail trade-in solution

The trade-in trend is impacting the profitability of mobile network operators, OEMs, and retailers, offering several benefits to various stakeholders. It allows users to get a new device for a fraction of its price and is a way for mobile network operators to boost sales by promoting a more sustainable upgrade.

Your solution to amplify sales and customer loyalty
Think of trade-in as a sales tool to win new customers, grow retail margins, and boost the average sales price. Trade-ins allow our partners to sell much more expensive units because consumers’ old devices act as a deposit. Additionally, you can drive customer loyalty through trade-in because it’s an added service that you can provide to partners or customers.

Easy plug-and-play online and in-store
Our trade-in tool is a plug-and-play solution without any significant extra costs for you. The process is streamlined from start to finish, with an online white label tool – fully built and hosted by us. The portal is easy to use when buying back any electronic device from your consumers, from both the online platform and your retail locations. Our employee training program ensures a simple and fast grading process to find the value of the devices.

Expanding electronic device expertise
We can provide trade-ins for all the common product groups such as mobile devices, tablets, and smartwatches. Over the years, our expertise has grown to offer trade-ins for almost all electronic devices, including computers, gaming consoles, earphones, and a wide range of consumer electronics.

Leave the logistics to us. Like pickups, transportation, warehousing and resale. We guarantee monitored, certified and regulation-compliant data wipe of used devices and components.

Mikkel Frid, VP Mobiles at Foxway

Trade-in solutions add to your ESG goals 

From an environmental perspective, trade-in programs can be very beneficial. The trade-in devices are refurbished and reused after a complete data wipe, helping brands meet their ESG and sustainability goals, which are increasingly important to consumers. Additionally, trade-ins provide more affordable devices for secondary markets, which can help bridge the digital divide and make technology more accessible to more people.

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