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Digitalization services for education

We help digitize and develop learning in schools, preschools and municipalities. We’ve already done all the homework. So you can find a way to combine computers and tablets with the right education methods. And get the results you need to take learning to a new level.

We have a team of experts with backgrounds in the educational systems where they worked on developing new ways of learning. And they’re happy to help you fill the gap between the educational activities and your IT department.

No matter what size your project, we always help you make the right strategic decisions. Together we can make a difference. And change the way we learn.


No matter if you’re just starting your digital journey, or leading it, we’re always here to help. Together we can make a difference and change the way we learn and find new ways of consuming tech.

Jonas Magnusson, Sales Manager at Foxway

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We’re here to help you with from contract and insurances to buy backs that are good for the environment.

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Apple for Education

Get started with Apple's ecosystem

We are a certified Apple Authorized Education Specialist. This means we can easily help you get started with Apple’s ecosystem. Everything from tools and content to service and support. Apple’s ecosystem provides every opportunity to create both individualized and collaborative learning processes that make a difference at your school.


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Ready, set, go circular!

Last week we had the great honor of presenting Foxway's circular business model during the “Ready, Set, Go Circular!” conference in connection with the Nordic Sustainability Expo. The conference was directed to companies and organizations who want to start or accelerate their circular transition.

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