Device as a Service (DaaS) as a contributor to the circular economy 

Device as s Service is a complete solution that includes everything from procurement to recovery of devices.

Foxway launches their new Device as a Service (DaaS) solution, a circular subscription model for tech devices. The service offer is a complete solution that includes everything from procurement to recovery of devices. With Foxway Device as a Service customers’ daily operations get simpler, more flexible and they gain the opportunity to participate in the circular economy through reduced environmental impact. 

To decrease the carbon footprint through prolonging the device’s lifetime and to avoid well-functioning devices ending up as e-waste too early, Foxway launches their new Device as a Service (DaaS) solution. The solution is a monthly subscription service for an organization´s or company’s workplace devices. The solution enables greater flexibility, meaning that customers can more easily scale the number of devices up or down based on their business needs. The solution also enables financial control and provides information on the environmental impact from the devices. 

We expect that the Device as a Service (DaaS) European market will grow fast in the coming years as organizations request increased level of flexibility, financial control, and data on the environmental impact from their devices. The solution also works as a cost on opex instead of an investment on capex, which is beneficial for our customers in many ways. We offer a complete solution that both solves the daily needs of the organization and contributes to the circular economy,” says Fredrik Spilsberg, Sales Director at Foxway.   

Foxway extends the life of millions of devices every year and is responsible for all steps within its own organization. Devices that are no longer used or needed in organizations get returned to Foxway, where the devices are made ready for a new life cycle. When devices reach the end of their life, Foxway is handling recycling of the material in a safe and sustainable way. 

We want to encourage a shift from linear consumption to circular usage of devices. By repairing and refurbishing used devices, we give them a new life so they can be used in multiple lifecycles. This results in a positive impact on the environment as we increase the use of resources and decrease the carbon footprint. Everyone can become winners in the transition to circular usage,” says Jonas Grönqwist, Business Unit Manager at Foxway.  

For Foxway, it’s all about putting sustainability in focus while making it more flexible and simpler for customers. By using Foxway’s services, customers receive access to a digital platform that provides a complete overview of each unique device. Foxway will be launching more as-a-service solutions during the year. 

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