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We are specialized in providing advisory and technical support. We have strong expertise within the digital ecosystem, technology and sustainability for organizations, schools, and large enterprises. Our team of experts are well-versed in the latest technologies, identifying your needs and industry trends. We are dedicated to help you achieve maximum value through your tech environment.

Reduce your environmental impact
Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for organizations. One of the ways we support this is by helping our customers to reduce their environmental impact through the usage of technology. For example, we can provide guidance on how to use energy-efficient devices, implement green tech practices, and take other steps to reduce energy consumption and e-waste.

Save time!
Our tech services are designed to increase time efficiency for our customers by providing them with expert guidance and support regarding to technical issues. This could include advice on which devices or services to use, how to improve your technology infrastructure, or how to implement or meet new needs.

Customized Technical Support
Together, we can create a stable and functioning operation that effectively supports your organization. With us, you gain a partner that has both technical competence and business understanding.

All our employees have the accreditations and certifications needed to provide quality assurance. No matter what technical issues you need help with, we are here to help you.

Mobile Device Management
Device management via a cloud-based service for organizations with high-level security, accessibility, and the end-user experience requirements.

We can take overall responsibility for your digital workplace, regardless of product. This includes operations, support, application management, security and implementing new functionalities. Below we list some of the areas we can help you with:

  • Tactical team with specialists in business and tech
  • Service and support areas of focus

– First-, second-, third-line support
– Incident, problem, change and configuration management
– Strategy, design, trend tracking and networking

  • Set up and operate hardware via MDM, such as Microsoft Intune, Google, Lightspeed and Jamf.
  • Outsource tech to take care of and support your tech environment.
  • We are an independent manufacturer and supplier, at the same time being strategic partners of Google, Microsoft and Apple.

We support you in making wise strategic decisions, both in the short and long term. Tech should never be a barrier, we help you bridge the gap between your organisation and IT department.

Björn Sundberg, Technical Consultant at Foxway

Strong partnerships


Simplified device management with multiple operating systems. Comprehensive user interface with powerful controls in an intuitive interface. Reduce the workload for tech staff and let your employees find and download approved apps. Add apps to the self-service portal by groups and much more. Lightspeed Analytics provides insight into software use, engagement, and data protection while identifying cost-reduction opportunities and maximizing returns.


Designed to automate device management, while increasing end-user productivity and creativity, Jamf Pro is a Mobility Management tool that gives tech professionals unified management for Apple devices. With Zero Day Support, you can be sure to always have access to the latest Apple features.

Chrome Management

With the increasing availability and cost-effectiveness of cloud services, interest in services such as Google Workspace is steadily increasing. One of the strengths of Google Workspace is that it lets all employees produce, share, and collaborate beyond time and space.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is Microsoft’s complete solution that is more than just an MDM solution. Endpoint Manager, which is the new collection system, includes both Microsoft Intune, Configuration Manager, Desktop Analytics, as well as Auto Pilot. In other words, Endpoint Manager has it all covered and helps deliver a modern workplace for modern device management.

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