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Electronic asset management

We provide value with tailor-made concepts and sustainable solutions through our electronic asset management service. Manage your end-of-life, end-of-lease, and overstock electronic assets. We buy used electronics and help you get value back at the end of their lifecycle. We also help you find a long-term partner for your supply chain fluctuations or obsolete electronic devices. With detailed reporting in return, we help you be environmentally accountable.

Why are we doing what we do?

We are fully committed to creating a positive impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the number of used phones and IT equipment that is disposed of, resulting in the waste of tons of equipment annually, is increasing at an alarming rate. However, we firmly believe that we can reverse this trend by acquiring and utilizing used phones and electronic devices. Whether it is a mobile phone or a PC, we specialize in collecting these items and giving them a second or third life.

Not only does this approach provide a sound financial argument, but it also yields significant environmental benefits, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions. We view this process as the circle of life, as we aim to promote sustainability by giving new life to electronic devices that were once considered obsolete.

Capable to handle a large variety of hardware

We receive tens of thousands of devices from our partners each month. Alongside large volume device groups like mobiles and laptops, we’re interested in purchasing other minor product groups such as components and consumer electronics. We are interested in purchasing the following products in various conditions:

  • mobile phones and tablets
  • mobile LCDs
  • mobile broadband equipment
  • computers
  • computer components (HDD, CPU, RAM)
  • consumer electronics & accessories

However, it’s important to note that we are not limiting ourselves to only these product groups or brands. We strive to remain as flexible as possible, and if there is a product group you wish to dispose of and sell, we are always interested in exploring potential solutions.

We’re determined to recover as much value as possible. Repairing and refurbishing what we can, while ensuring our partners that no sensitive or confidential information will end up in the wrong hands. Together we can become the leading example that sustainability and profitability go together hand-in-hand.

Mikkel Frid, Sourcing Director at Foxway

Profitability married with sustainability

We propose a competitive price and a comprehensive approach to the disposal of overstock or retired assets. Every device goes through rigorous testing and a full data wipe. Any output is allocated accordingly. Some are sent to recycling experts and component reuse. Most devices have a second life thanks to our remarketing partners.

Smart management of overstock and EOL (end-of-life) IT assets leads to competitive business opportunities but also helps to fulfill our partners’ duty to corporate and environmental responsibility.





Our partners outsource this part of their supply chain from us together with the associated regulatory burdens.

  • Certified data wipe. Ensuring data sanitation is a core priority of our service. Every device we process receives a complete data wipe in compliance with international standards.
  • Compliance with environmental standards. We receive, process, and resupply electronic waste in compliance with the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).
  • GDPR and ISO (9001, 14001, 27001) compliance.
  • Microsoft authorized refurbishment.

Why Foxway?


We’re a stable and reliable partner with extensive experience and competence (e.g., regulations, audits, etc.).




We take steps early in the EOL processes rather than later. Our team will ascertain the remaining value in customer inventory and ensure the maximum return on investments.



We manage our partners’ assets and waste streams directly. Our advantage is the individual approach to each of our clients.


We ensure safe returns and collaborations

What happens with the device?

The device goes through vigorous testing and full data wipe after arriving at our warehouse. We’ll recover as much value as possible. Repairing and refurbishing what we can. Any output is allocated accordingly. Some are sent to experts for recycling and component reuse. Most devices live a second lifetime thanks to our remarketing partners.

Powering trusted partnerships

Worry less with our reliable B2B online tools for device lookup with Future Price Commitment. Search any device for resale and leave the logistics to us, wherever you are.

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