Foxway – one of the Nordic Top 50 Game Changers in wellknown current sustainability report!

It is not a coincidence that Foxway is one of the companies that excels in Megadeals Advisory’s and We Don’t Have Time’s brand new report – Sustainability Game Changers Nordic Top 50. As the owner of northern Europe’s largest technology center, Foxway enables a second, third and even a fourth life cycle for digital devices. This gives the company a unique position in the DaaS market.

Megadeals Advisory and We Don’t Have Time take a stand in the fact that we can no longer afford to act slowly to solve the climate crisis. With their work they pinpoint that many companies often struggle to get their message across in complex ecosystems. Companies that unite, could stop climate change.  

There are many companies that have well-proven innovations but there is no guarantee that they will bring their innovation to the market and successfully commercialize it. The road to commercialization can take years. An example of this is Tesla, which was founded five years before the launch of Roadster, and it took the company another 11 years to make a profit.  

To help these companies reach out and thus contribute to expanding their influence, Megadeals Advisory and We Don’t Have Time present a report on sustainable innovations. In this report, the top 50 Nordic companies that are commercially scaled and have a significant impact on the climate through reduced emissions, are on display.  

Foxway is one of the listed companies – a player to be reckoned with. Aiming for continued international expansion with its circular business model, customers are supported to become more sustainable. This is done through the management of the digital tool’s life cycle: from financing to renovation, reinstallation until a product is all worn out. In 2020, Foxway saved 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide by renovating more than 1 million units. This corresponds to emissions from almost 65,000 homes in annual electricity use.  

-At Foxway we are in the middle of one of the most important changes since information society was formed. The industry has previously lived by linear principles where everyone focuses on consumption and repeated use of “new stuff”. This behavior quickly drains the planet’s resources and contributes to a negative impact on our climate, with significant carbon dioxide emissions. Foxway has chosen to become a pioneer, inspiration and role model for the IT industry by changing and helping others change their linear consumption pattern into a circular one. With the help of our solutions, skilled specialists and a committed management, Foxway is  here to make a difference. We are extremely happy to really be a Game Changer, says Martin Backman. 

Megadeals Advisory and We Don’t Have Time justify Foxway’s placement on the Nordic Top 50 Game Changer in the following way:  

“What makes Foxway take a unique position in the DaaS market is that they own the largest technology center in northern Europe. This allows them to give devices a second, third or even a fourth life. In addition, Foxway can sell them at a cheaper price to vulnerable groups, thereby reducing digital inequality at the same time as they reduce people’s carbon footprint. When a device can no longer be used, it is disassembled and recycled in an environmentally friendly way”.

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