Circular tech: A win-win for companies and the climate

Everyone can benefit from prolonging the life of tech devices, and the interest in more sustainable tech is growing.

Everyone can benefit from prolonging the lifetime of devices. With our circular subscription model, Device as a Service (DaaS), we make it possible for customers to reduce negative climate footprint, be a part of the circular economy and at the same time simplify the management of devices. 

“Our ambition is to drive the development of circular tech. With our business model, we prolong device lifetime and increase their value by giving them multiple life cycles. If no other circulation is possible, the devices will be safely recycled” says Ove Lidström, Head of Innovation & Business Development at Foxway.   

From linear consumption to circular usage  

With Foxway Device as a Service, we enable companies to make more sustainable decisions and move from linear consumption to circular use of tech devices.  

“Through circular services, customers and partners can contribute to a more sustainable society. Customers get access to high-quality devices, both new and premium refurbished, resulting in reduced negative carbon footprint, by extending devices’ lifetime» says Ove Lidström.

Mix new and premium refurbished devices to decrease carbon footprint

Foxway Sustainability report from 2022 shows that approximately 80 % of a laptop COimpact comes from the production phase. That means that the device with the lowest negative CO2 impact is the one being reused. Choosing an already produced device, a used one, will cut customers Scope 3 emissions* drastically, improving their sustainability efforts and help reducing electronical waste. 

With Foxway Device as a Service we offer premium refurbished devices, giving customers the opportunity to mix both new and refurbished devices based on their business needs. Our commitment to excellent customer experience ensures that each refurbished device is renovated, inspected, and strictly tested to meet the highest standards. When choosing warranty-covered, premium refurbished devices through Foxway, you’re getting a product of high quality.

Complete solution through Foxway 

We manage the entire lifecycle in-house, giving customers a complete solution through one partner. Flexibility is another key benefit with Foxway Device as a Service, allowing organizations to scale the number of devices depending on business needs. Our subscription model ensures predictable monthly costs, with no substantial upfront investments required when upgrades are necessary. We factor in residual value to keep it cost-effective for our customers.

All tech devices are registered in a digital platform that gathers comprehensive information. Customers can also access sustainability data, providing insights into the climate impact of the devices, and the negative emissions saved by the company by using refurbished devices. This highly reflect the organizations environmental actions in new reporting requirements, such as CSRD**.

A flexible, cost-efficient, and a more sustainable solution, delivered by one partner, and one platform. That, to us, is a winning combination. 

(*) Scope 3 emissions are the “indirect” emissions. Not produced by the company itself but for example by assets bought/leased from suppliers, used and then disposed.

(**) The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD sets the rules concerning the social and environmental information that companies have to report from 2025 and onwards.

The goal is to give devices more than one life. The furthest we’ve come so far is with an iPhone, giving it four lives through our system. Our services are about making a real difference to the circular economy in the industry.

Ove Lidström, Head of Innovation & Business Development at Foxway   

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