Six reasons for choosing Device as a Service   

Beyond the environmental aspects, there are financial, operational and practical reasons for companies to choose Device as a Service (DaaS).   

An increasing number of companies are finding opportunities to improve their sustainability efforts by shifting from linear procurement of tech devices to a circular solution. However, beyond the environmental aspects, there are financial, operational and practical reasons for companies to choose Device as a Service (DaaS).   

The concept of circular tech is relatively new and, in short, gives devices such as computers, mobile phones and tablets more than one lifecycle. By managing the devices in a more sustainable way, the lifespan is extended, which significantly reduces the negative environmental impact since the majority of CO2 emissions occur during the production and transportation of new devices*. Today, Foxway is a European industry leader in circular tech and with Foxway’s Device as a Service, the lifespan of devices can be extended.

*Source: Global E-waste Monitor 2020, World Economic Forum 

”When we distribute a used laptop for a second life, the climate impact is significantly lower than if a brand new laptop is produced for the user. Producing a new laptop generates approximately 250 kg of CO2, while a laptop entering its second life generates approximately 7 kg of CO2. The more devices we reuse, by for instance getting them repaired, the longer the lifespan of the device and the lower the negative impact on the environment,” says Fredrik Spilsberg, Head of Customer Development at Foxway.  

Below you will find six reasons for choosing Device as a Service. 

1. New sustainability directive from the EU  

Under the new EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), effective from the beginning of 2024, organizations with more than 500 employees will have to report their carbon footprint*  

With Foxway Device as a Service, companies can access the data and insight into the company’s devices and their carbon footprint during production. Foxway manages the entire lifecycle of the device within the organization and, through its processes, is able to provide data relating to the CO2 impact of procurement and return down to the unit level.  

“We help our customers enabling a circular usage of devices through our service Device as a Service. In turn, companies benefit from the data they need in order to comply with the new EU directive,” Fredrik explains.  

2. An improved overview   

Today, many organizations are struggling to get a good overview of the number of devices they operate within the company. Furthermore, there might be missing insight in which devices are active and not active, when they have been purchased and which department they belong to.   

With Foxways Device as a Service, customers get insight and control over their devices and can work with the company’s tech devices in a more efficient way. According to Fredrik Spilsberg, it also helps provide a greater sense of responsibility to departments and individuals for their own budgets and costs.    

“Companies using our complete solution will receive a report showing which employee uses which device. It also lists the cost per user, when they purchased the device and when the device should be replaced,” says Fredrik. 

3. A complete solution through one partner  

Companies often struggle with keeping track of their devices as the procurement of devices often are spread over time, and several different suppliers are involved. With Foxway Device as a Service, customers get a complete solution through one single partner. This allows the customer to have only one source for all the information and overall control of every device.  

“We can integrate with the purchasing system of the customer, which makes it much easier to procure laptops and phones for employees and have all information gathered in one place,” Fredrik explains. 

4. Financial control and cost efficiency  

Our Device as a Service is a subscription solution with a monthly fee per device. This approach removes the need for big purchases every three to four years that affect the company’s bottom line. The solution provides increased financial control as the company only pays for the devices they actually need.   

”There is no extensive recurring tech investment; instead, financial predictability is provided by giving the devices a monthly fee that is added as a cost on opex instead of an investment on capex,” Fredrik says.  

5. Security  

Centralized and individual management of devices increases the security level. An individual control of each device reduces the risk of lost devices, and when devices are returned, data is securely erased and an erasure certificate is issued.   

”Customers can also have information about a device that hasn’t been used for 30 days, helping them to identify whether they have devices that are no longer needed or have been misplaced. It’s a simple way to prevent business-sensitive data from ending up in the wrong hands,” he continues. 

6. Flexibility  

Another important benefit of choosing Device as a Service, is that it allows companies to scale up and down the number of devices based on business needs. This is especially useful if a company is facing temporary projects or downsizing and needs to adjust the number of devices.  

”The ability to scale up and down the number of devices is an essential part of our Device as a Service solution, allowing devices no longer required to be returned back to us, simplifying deployment planning,” Fredrik concludes.  

Do you wish to know more about our Device as a Service and how it can benefit your business? Read more about Foxway Devices as a Service here, or reach out today! 

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