People are looking for value – not price

About two years ago Humac took a decision that altered the future for the better. The decision to co-operate with Foxway has brought a number of important insights along the journey so far. As we all know, timing is everything and in this case, it has been perfect.

Consciousness on environmental topics and sustainability has risen with the speed of light since the past two years. There is a sense of urgency among consumers to gain information and to be educated on what they are about to buy: 

-That is exactly what our business is all about, creating value, related to much more than just price. Our partnership with Foxway has definitely set us on track here. Foxway is a company that is impressively solution oriented, agile and flexible. They really listen to all our ideas and meet our needs, says Fady Allan, Marketing Manager at Humac.  

Before the use of Foxway’s services Humacs  process of collecting used electronics was of an  analogue sort. There used to be people picking up items at the shops, nowadays Foxways service line is the solution here.  

-It is a time and money saving investment from our perspective. Not only do Foxway deliver excellent service, they are also frontmovers for the entire market. Their digital platform and service as a solution  are more effective than anything else on the market, says Allan. 

One of the most important factors of value to Humac are the guidelines provided for the final products towards Humacs customers:  

-Foxway has given us the creative freedom to suggest our thoughts and ideas and are very quick to adapt. They also have a unique customer focus which is central to us as a major retailer. They have really got the finger on the pulse all the time and are extremely good at capturing our needs. Through offering a holistic service they have helped us build a great structure and conceptualize it, says Allan. 

Over these past two years, Humac has had an increased growth by the process Foxway has provided. A process that is scalable.  

-We are provided with data through reports, it is the cooperation with Foxway in all these different areas that is so fruitful, the support all the way, from brainstorming to processes and communication. I recently asked one of the retail managers to mention the top three reasons to continue working with Foxway  and the answers were: good price, data oriented which keeps us on track, they don’t shoot from the hip. You would think everyone is working with database marketing 2021, but that is really not the case, Allan continues.  

Foxway offers a strategic development, always with the end user in mind.  

-Take our portal for instance. Earlier there was no difference in the experience for a user and a shop manager, they would both enter the same portal. Foxway has now made it possible for our shop managers to extract data they need to give our customers better service. The main difference from other options on the market is that you don’t force us to use your platform, you make integration possible. That way we get the tools we need to scale up and give the best possible service to our customers, says Allan. 

The cooperation with Foxway has given Humac more freedom, yet structure also regarding communication towards  the customers:   

-Foxway are extremely generous, for example with sharing graphic materials that we can use to communicate our process. That has made it alot easier for the customer to grasp the concept of what we are doing and how we do things, the process. The whole plattform aspect has improved our offers and communication to the market, Allan reflects. 

The support from Foxway has made digital life easy for Humac and contributes to results on more than one level: 

-It is easier to support our staff. Not only with sales materials based on offers. We are now able to support our staff with that, a well functioning digital platform and a story they can share with our customers. The process we work with. This process raises awareness, engagement and motivation, it makes people choose alternatives that affect the world in a sustainable way. We love working with Foxway and contributing to a better world., Allan concludes. 

Humac has been 100% committed from day one and that one of the key reasons for their success with Buy back:  

-They believed in the service and integrated it fully in all their communications, both internally and externally. The commitment from Humac’s HQ also influenced everyone throughout the company. Not least the sales staff who have been very dedicated and performing at a very high level. I would say with Humac the sky is not the limit, we can definitely aim for stars, as they have gone full circle implementing all our services into their offer. Together with Humac we can play a big part in a better, more sustainable world for all of us., says Mikkel Frid, Sourcing Director at Foxway.