Foxway and Samsung making retail more circular

Foxway has partnered up with Samsung for a collaboration in the Nordic countries. The collaboration entails a Rental as a service agreement, where the customers have an opportunity to rent Samsung’s premium smart phones to a fixed monthly cost. The customers can exchange or return the devices and Foxway ensures that it gets a new life with a new user. This is a way to raise awareness about circularity and the benefits of renting a device.

The possibility to rent a classified premium smart phone creates a more circular way of consuming electronics.  It contributes to sustainable usage of the products since it can be repaired during the renting period and reused more than once. The concept is based on a subscription service, where the customer chooses the smart phone of their choice and the rental period for a monthly fee.  

The circular and sharing economy is a more sustainable option compared to the linear consumption pattern. The concept of renting, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling products and materials extends the devices total life cycle. High quality products are proven to have a longer life cycle and can be reused several times because of a prolonged economical and technical lifespan.  

– Most individuals in the Nordics today own more than one digital device. Often many of these ends up at home in a chest of drawers, even though they are fully functional. We must ensure that we provide safe and sustainable technical solutions to change this negative pattern. This type of rental service enables premium products, which means that the device can be used by several owners during its lifetime, says Mikkel Frid, Sourcing Director at Foxway. 

For Samsung, this unique collaboration shows a new way of consuming their devices, and plants the idea of thinking more circularly. 

– By renting one of our flagship premium smart phones, the customer makes a more conscious choice rather than owning the device. In partnership with Foxway, we ensure that the devices are reused. When our customers choose to use this service, they receive our latest high-quality smart phones. Samsung Electronics strives to reduce the carbon footprint when developing new products, by being more energy efficient than before, says Oscar Nöjd, Innovation Manager Mobile at Samsung Electronics Nordic AB. 

When the customer chooses to terminate their agreement, the rented device will be sent to Foxway. It will be refurbished in our tech center and be reused by a new user. Foxway has previously providing the “as a service concept” to the B2B market and handled the processes of refurbishment and reused devices within the company. In that way Foxway can ensure that the devices can live longer, and in the end be recycled in a sustainable way.   

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