New operations and warehouse building


Foxway Opens its New Production and Warehouse Facility in Tartu, Estonia

Just last October Foxway laid the cornerstone of the new production and warehouse building, and on September 7 it has been officially opened.

After thourough preparations, planning, and building, Foxway now opened its new warehouse and operation facility outside Tartu in Estonia. Foxway processes almost two million electronic devices a year, and the new facility is essential for meeting the needs of the growing market. With the new warehouse, Foxway can double its operational capacities and over 70 new jobs will be created.

Foxway is the largest specialist in circular IT in Northern Europe with offices in the Nordics, Estonia, Germany, and Spain among other markets. Last year’s turnover reached 370 million euros and the company employs more than 1000 people. By opening the new facility strengthens the services provided and thus decreases the CO2 emissions.

-Foxway helps to reduce the ecological footprint caused by the consumption of electronic devices. Because of higher demand and need for higher efficiency, we developed a larger facility where we can concentrate all activities and increase the volumes for the whole Foxway Group,” said Agnes Makk, Head of Recommerce at Foxway.

Sustainability is an important part of Foxway’s DNA and business model. Therefore, it was important that the new warehouse was an A-energy class building and environmentally friendly. It has geothermal heating, solar panels installed to cover the energy needs of the building, and charging electric cars is also possible. By proving used products to the market, Foxway wants companies to change their way of consuming IT and make the industry more sustainable.

-If, for example, you buy a new laptop, the CO2 equivalent footprint of the device is about 312 kg, but only 6.65 kg for a used device. A properly repaired, maintained, and tested device may match well the features of a new one, which is why more and more companies and individuals decide in favor of used devices, due to both price and ecological thinking. In the first half of 2022, we processed nearly 878,000 electronic devices, which is 22% more than in the same period last year. With this, we avoided releasing about 42,400 tons of carbon into the air, which would have been generated from the production of mobile devices alone,” explained Agnes Makk.

The investment in the facility was six million euros and is more than 6,500 square meters. It will increase Foxway’s capacity of electronic devices from all parts of the world. More and more companies want to act more sustainably, and Foxway wants to be their first choice by enabling circular IT.

For more information contact:
Kristian Zolina, Marketing Manager Foxway Recommerce

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