Ready to change your view on refurbished tech? Reused is here to stay

Device as a Service like you’ve never seen before, with premium refurbished devices as a part of the solution!

Foxway now introduces premium refurbished devices into their Device as a Service. This will simplify device management in a more sustainable way, while maintaining high performance and quality.

With an increased focus on sustainability and new reporting requirements, the demand for refurbished devices grows. Procuring refurbished devices for organizations has presented various challenges, such as multiple stakeholders, lack of consistency in supply and quality-concerns. Foxway is introducing a new solution that will solve these issues and meet the growing demand.

“We aspire to change not only the tech industry but also how we think and act when procuring devices. By including premium refurbished devices into a subscription solution, we make it simple for our customers to make more sustainable choices in a cost-efficient way,” says Steinar Aune, President of Circular Workspace Solutions at Foxway.

With the new solution, organizations can now significantly reduce Scope 3 emissions, extend devices’ lifetime, and minimize electronic waste. All while maintaining the expectations of high performance and continuous supply. 

“Warranty-covered premium refurbished devices from Foxway goes through testing, repair, and repainting, ensuring that they meet and exceed today’s expectations for refurbished tech. With this, organizations can finally restructure their device fleet through one single partner, simplifying the entire tech management and new reporting requirements,” Steinar concludes.

With Foxways’ approach, organizations can easily and cost-effectively adopt refurbished devices with confidence and be a part of the circular economy within the tech-industry. This is highly relevant given the new sustainability requirements for organizations and the increased awareness of refurbished tech.

Media contact:
Emma Lindberg
Chief Marketing Officer
Tel: +46 709 530 204