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We give used devices, non-sold or returned devices another life to new users all around the world. The various remarketing services we offer truly provide circularity and value, both for the end users as well as for our partners.

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Want devices for further resale?

Welcome to Europe’s leading B2B wholesale platform for new and used electronic devices. Here you can find spare parts for further refurbishing or fully tested and graded devices for resale. Mobile phones, computers,  broadband, smartwatches and more. Even e-scooters.

Our account managers are dedicated to help with your bulk orders. We value grading transparency and device quality. If the customers are happy, we’re happy.

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Circular economy

Enable true sustainability

Computers, mobile phones and other devices have a technical lifespan that far outlasts their commercial viability. Historically, user preferences have often taken precedence over sustainability, but today’s organizations and end users seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our business model provides a broader view of the value chain that helps our customers and society to act more sustainably.

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