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Meeting room as a Service

How do you provide a modern and attractive yet cost efficient meeting room solution that’s aligned with your daily operations and seamlessly integrated with your IT environment? How do you ensure the meeting rooms vary in relation to the different collaboration needs of your employees?

2 out of 3 employees think meetings are a waste of their time.

Focus on meetings, not technology
When pairing old technology with new modern solutions, your meeting room will most likely not run as smoothly as expected. This will cause needless frustration and calls for an immediate upgrade of your meeting room solutions.

We got you covered!
Secure your company’s needs for meeting room solutions. Enhance the collaboration to make it more efficient and interactive. Our service takes full responsibility from start to finish. From design and planning to installation and support throughout the whole lifecycle.

What we offer
Meeting room as a service provides a complete and scalable solution tailored to your company’s needs. The service covers complete responsibility from us which includes hardware, guidance, design, planning, function, installation, and support during the equipment’s entire life cycle.

We have 40 regional offices in the country with many kinds of solutions regarding meeting rooms. Since using Foxway’s Meeting room as a Service, we’re now able to offer all our co-workers not only a modern and up-to-date solution but customized to our daily operations.

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