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When it comes to printing the cost is often higher than you’ve imagined, and unfortunately not always very cost-efficient. You may have lost sight of these costs in your company. Here’s your chance to regain control with the help of an expert. Reassess your printing solution and receive substantial savings!

How to reduce your costs
Reviewing costs is always a good idea, which ensures you are using the most cost-effective alternative. Printing services are a prime example of an overcharged budget post in an organization. With the help of a print expert, you can save up to 30-50% of the costs for printers and print servers.

What we offer
The first step is to assess your current printing solution. Do you have too many units, or maybe not enough? Are you paying for features you don’t use or need? The assessment will help to define your future printing solution needs, and what we can do to help you.

Print as a Service allows you to lease printers and printing solutions that are customized to you and your organization. In our agreement, we offer guidance, installation, warranty, and support.

Moving forward
Afterward, it’s important to continue working on and developing your printing solution. The need for printouts changes over time, especially as we move towards digital transformation. In case there’s a need, it’s possible to switch to digital solutions for processes to reduce the number of printouts. You will reduce your costs while doing good for the environment.

Having a partner who handles planning, delivery, commissioning, maintenance, support, and withdrawals – both for printers and clients – is extremely valuable.

Magnus Schenström, Head of Central Delivery at Coop Sweden

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