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You might experience an overstock of manufactured devices because of incorrect forecasts, technical or other reasons. It can clearly cause internal problems within the organization. With a reliable and helpful partner, this can be solved by a simple and smooth solution. Let us tell you how.

The challenge
What type of stock are we referring to? The devices could be items being produced for a specific country but due to different reasons such as less anticipated demand has remained in stock. Other issues could be an incorrect configuration of the devices for your current needs.

How does it work?
We can help you with this problem by purchasing your excess devices. By purchasing your overstock, we can resell it to a region with a higher demand for the hardware. We will help you with repackaging and rebranding that upholds the correct standard, and shipment. Sounds simple enough, right? It gets better. We have open APIs which means we can easily and safely connect to your internal systems for this process. To support the implementation, we have also an experienced systems integration team in place.

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