IT Equipment

Customer tailored IT services

At Foxway you get access to high quality IT equipment from world-leading partners. Our circular services give companies user friendly and fit for purpose IT with reduced environmental footprint. There are two ways to consume our service – through integration or service portal. Simply put, we deliver tailor-made and sustainable workspace solutions that suit your company’s needs.

IT Equipment

We are brand independent and offers a wide range with over 200,000 products within IT from world-leading partners. We have all key product categories in our portfolio for example; laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. With our strong partnerships, we can supply a digital workspace that best meets your company’s needs.

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Service Portal

Our customers get access to our cloud-based service portal which makes it easy for you to place orders and create cases. The portal is based on the world-leading standard ServiceNow system, which is a robust and scalable platform. In the portal, there are many functions and services which also are adapted for companies operating in several countries.

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Prolonged lifetime

We encourage companies to choose IT equipment with the longest possible lifetime. If you have equipment that you no longer use, we can prolong its lifetime by doing upgrades and repairs, and then send it further to another user base or to the secondary market. In this way, more people get access to leading technology while we together save on the earth’s resources.

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