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Circular IT services

Foxway provides sustainable IT solutions by offering IT equipment and services in a unique circular business model. Our ambition is to be the leading company in Europe for sustainable IT services, and recycling of electronics. We take care of the full lifecycle management with the aim to maximize the IT equipment’s lifetime. We enable you to get more of the investment you’ve made in your IT environment by giving you more control, scalability, and overview. With Foxway, you get the complete service with one partner and we provide circular IT services to over 130 countries.


Leading IT service provider

For companies, refreshing a fleet of IT equipment every three to four years can involve substantial costs and time. Foxway’s IT services are designed for large companies who want to increase their productivity and maximize the scalability and investment made in the IT equipment.  With our services, you get to choose between a large variety of IT equipment from world-leading partners and you will get full lifecycle management support. Foxway’s service model with focus on circular IT makes profitability and sustainability go hand in hand with your business needs.

IT Equipment

At Foxway you get access to high quality IT equipment from world-leading vendors. Our circular services give companies user friendly and fit for purpose IT with reduced environmental footprint.

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Core Services

Foxway offers a complete in-house lifecycle management solution from purchases and delivery to disposal. Our lifecycle management of IT equipment has been developed to give you control, overview and scalability.

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Value-added Services

We give you our full support from the day you receive your IT equipment until they’re taken out of service. And we do it in an easy and circular way.

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Circular economy

Enable true sustainability

Computers, mobile phones and other devices have a technical lifespan that far outlasts their commercial viability. Historically, user preferences have often taken precedence over sustainability, but today’s organizations and end users seek to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our business model provides a broader view of the value chain that helps our customers and society to act more sustainably.

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