The circular economy reduces digital inequality

Foxway is the world’s leading Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) vendor for circular workspace solutions.

Foxway is the world’s leading circular Device as a Service (DaaS) provider for workspace solutions. By covering the first, second, and/or third part of the device’s lifecycle, Foxway offers a sustainable solution, and at a competitive price.

Today, the most common method for most organisations is to store or dispose away devices that are still functioning properly. Foxway is the change to this unsustainable method by refurbishing electronic devices and giving them a second, third and in many cases even a fourth chance on life.

In less than five years, Foxway has increased the amount of reused units from almost 500 000 devices to more than 1 000 000 devices, which is an increase of over 100%. Next year this will be around 2 000 000 devices.

Other DaaS solutions include companies that are:

  • Telecom operators (Enterprise-focused multi-country operators) with a Device as a Service offering.
    • The common issue with telecom operators is that they are very new in the DaaS space i.e. low experience and immature workflows but also they are multinational BUT with national management and often even different owners country by country. This means many contracts, different ways of working and different contact points. Also, oftentimes the telecom operators are not allowing the client to have the devices off the balance sheet. So leasing rather than renting.
  • Multi-country Corporate Hardware Resellers with a Device as a Service offering.
    • These companies often have large operations in many countries which is a plus. These vendors are often experienced with laptops but less so with smartphones as a service. The corporate resellers also most of the time require the customer to put all devices on its own balance sheet. The corporate resellers much like the operators don’t have one and the same integrated system for the complete lifecycle. 
  • Circular Device as a Service (This is where Foxway is the global leader).
    • These vendors (us included) are often smaller than the other two categories just mentioned. Much bigger though when it comes to revenue and volumes in the DaaS space. These also have DaaS as core business so less internal conflicts on priorities. 

Compared to other circular Device as a Service companies, Foxway has the capability and a strategy to offer re-developed devices as a low cost/low footprint option that includes a full warranty and service capabilities. 

Foxway also has the fundamental capacity to provide a more affordable solution and can leverage huge volumes thanks to its own recommerce, with a higher flexibility than other vendors. And with the self-developed integrated system for the whole lifecycle, Foxway controls the entire chain.

Choosing Foxway as your vendor enables the possibility of one contract, one point of contact, one workflow to handle all the workspace solutions you’re looking for, both nation-wide offices and globally.

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