How Foxway helps companies with sustainable digitalization 

Sustainable digitalization is a goal for many organizations, although not all of them know how to achieve that goal on their own. At Foxway, we have developed a circular IT model which offers the entire service of business digitalization. This enables the organization to reach their goal in an easier and more sustainable way.

The downside of rapid digital transformation is increased electronic waste. Meanwhile, the demand for new IT equipment to keep up with this development is high. Replacement and disposal of fully functional hardware are contradictory to achieving climate goals and resource efficiency.  

“We care about our customers’ needs and encourage a shift from linear consumption to circular use. Products can in that way be disposed of more responsibly after their first life cycle, maximizing the lifetime of IT equipment. This in turn results in a lower impact on the environment,” says Jonas Grönqwist, Business Unit Manager at Foxway.  

At Foxway, we operate in a unique circular business model, helping our customers through a holistic circular service – which includes everything from purchasing IT products, to taking them back, and reusing and recycling them. The model has made us stand out in the industry. As one of few companies, we offer an overall solution that provides circular services throughout the entire chain, while at the same time being true ambassadors of sustainability.  

Get better control of the life cycle  

“Many companies today lease their IT equipment, which can be done through Foxway. We add the whole life cycle management from purchase, financial control, support, and we take care of reusing and recycling when products are replaced. Our customers won’t need several different partners to manage their business’ needs, we’ll take care of everything,” Jonas Grönqwist continues.  

Jonas Grönqwist himself has an extensive background in the telecom and electronics industry prior to joining us at Foxway a few months ago. He sees an exciting future for the company, as its business model has great potential to simplify everyday life for customers, while at the same time helping to reduce environmental impact. He continues:

“We expect the market for Device as a Service to triple in the next few years, and there is the large market for circular IT where we can make a significant difference.”

Circular IT as an enabler 

The concept of circular IT is relatively new and has emerged from societal demands and a growing awareness of sustainability, not least among entrepreneurs.  

The focus is on enabling the customer or end-user to choose a technology that both adds value to their business and is a sustainable option. At the end of the lease period, the products are reused or recycled. This in comparison to owned equipment, where it’s common for outdated hardware to be put into storage and perhaps forgotten, which is neither economically viable nor sustainable. 

Most products, such as computers, monitors, and mobile phones, are perfectly reusable. By making products ready for a new user – based on data deletion, repairs, refurbishments, upgrades, or other improvements – we at Foxway can give them a second and sometimes even a third life.  

“We want to reuse products throughout the chain so they can be used again and again, all for better resource management and reduced CO2 impact. Foxway considers the second-hand value at the point of sale, making the agreement cost-effective for the customer. Whether customers choose new or second-hand products, we can assist with calculation models that simplify cost budgeting for companies and provide control over CO2 emissions,” says Jonas Grönqwist.  

Security in focus 

The reuse of IT products often raises questions about security and the administration of the contents in the products when they are re-collected.  

“When we do retrievals, we recommend safety cabinets provided by us at Foxway, and the products’ contents are erased according to industry requirements and standards. This ensures that there is no trace of previous users, and we take the security of this very seriously,” says Jonas Grönqwist, and continues:   

“Our focus is to provide IT services that solve real problems and add value to our customers and their businesses. Our goal is to provide a solution that enables our customers to focus on their core business while having the opportunity to make sustainable choices regarding their IT equipment.”  

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