Foxway’s canceled Christmas festivities became dinner for the socially disadvantaged in Gothenburg

When the Christmas party for the employees was canceled, the IT company Foxway was left with hundreds of dinners. The idea of donating food to the socially disadvantaged in Gothenburg was born. A choice that Foxway hopes will inspire more companies to follow. Especially now that Christmas is just around the corner.

On the 8th of December, the Government, on recommendation of the Swedish Public Health Agency, introduced new directions to reduce the spread of Covid-19. As an employer, the recommendation is, among other things, to avoid larger gatherings with staff. Therefore Foxway chose to cancel and instead reschedule the planned Christmas party in Gothenburg, for employees.

-We have been planning the Christmas festivities for a long time. Our ambition was to gather our employees after an extensive period of pandemic-related work from home offices. We wished to meet, sum up the year and come together as one Foxway. As an employer, however, we have a responsibility, towards our customers, colleagues and towards society at large, and take the present situation very seriously. We therefore canceled the Christmas party in order not to contribute to the increased spread of Covid-19, says Emma Lindberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Foxway.

Because the Christmas party was cancelled with such a short notice, Foxway suddenly ended up with over 200 Christmas dinners – without guests. The opportunity to donate the food to people in need in the Gothenburg area became an obvious choice.

-Christmas is a time of year when some people, already vulnerable for various reasons, are even more exposed in society. With that in mind it was the only way to go – to donate the food to charity. This way, the food will be used and can hopefully contribute to an increased sense of belonging and create a Christmas feeling for people less fortunate in society, says Emma Lindberg.

In 2015, The UN came to an agreement on Agenda 2030, 17 global goals for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development. Like Foxway, many aid organizations work to create a sustainable society with the global goals of Agenda 2030 in focus. Foxway wishes to inspire more companies to follow this, take their responsibility and contribute to even more sustainable choices. Of course, this also applies to the social aspect of sustainability.

-Contributing to a sustainable society is something we strive for every day. We do this by offering sustainable and circular IT-services. Being able to participate and contribute to sustainability on a social level as well, is the right way to go and it feels great to contribute in some way. We wish to evoke a thought, an idea, for other companies to follow, in case they find themselves to be in the same situation as we were. A canceled Christmas dinner can still create value, for other people outside the company. This time in Gothenburg, says Emma Lindberg.

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